We design every piece in the Harlow Henry collection with the goal
to have it become a family heirloom, plain and simple

Through travel an undeniable connection to Ireland and a love for design, I have been lucky to create what has become my dream come true.

Harlow Henry weaves fine textiles made from the highest quality of cotton, linen, cashmere, alpaca, mohair and pure wool.  All of our throws, blankets and pashminas are woven by true artisans in family owned mills in Ireland and the United States.

We focus on designing timeless pieces, using the finest fibers, to ensure they roll off our looms
feeling rich and luxurious and ready for everyday use.

I hope our Harlow Henry throws and blankets can help bring as much inspiration,
vibrancy and fun into your 
home as it has mine.

From my family to yours, we hope you love our Harlow Henry textiles as much as we do.


Holly x


Holly Meighen 

Toronto, Ontario 
(P) 416.606.2178